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Popular high tech fonts in 2020

Popular high tech fonts in 2020

One of the most challenging things when designing websites, writing titles or articles is to choose high tech fonts.

We always want to push boundaries and create the best possible content, and having a great font that goes with it is definitely one of the important factors.

In this article, we’ll list the most popular high tech fonts to use in 2020, and even though fonts can have many assets like size, typeface, weights or even colors, we’ll gather the best ones for you.

Helvetica Now 

Helvetica is probably one of the most famous fonts that computers ever known as it was created in 1957! It is also used in real-life such as street indications or subways all around the world from the States to Europe.

However, it has been redesigned in 2019 to satisfy every user and to look very modern.

Helvetica Now is one of the best high tech fonts on the market and comes in at a reasonable price of $35.00 for each weight.

Helvetica Now is great for all screen sizes and devices from small-screen smartphones to massive-sized computers. It has 3 optical sizes (Micro, Text, and Display) and is available in 6, 8, and 10 weights respectively.


Gilroy is a modern font part of the Sans Serif family. 

Apart from having that modern geometric touch and design, it is also important to say that it’s available in not less than 20 weights which is a whole lot compared to the other fonts.

Out of these 20 weights, 2 can be downloaded for free, while the other ones have a price of $25 each.

Untitled Sans

On a cleaner, more common but reliable compared to the other font families comes Untitled Sans.

Untitled Sans can be used for both paragraphs and headings, but also for titles and so much more, this is why we consider it one of the best high tech fonts to use in 2020.

This font family is available in 5 weights which is a small number compared to the other fonts on this list.

Kayak Sans

Kayak Sans is an incredibly beautiful and modern font that couldn’t be missed in this high tech fonts list. 

The great thing we love about Kayak Sans is the ability to be used everywhere and still be read easily while keeping an elegant and stylish look.


Last but not least, it is completely free of charge for personal purposes. However, if you wish to use it for commercial purposes, you will need to purchase a license.

Nunito Sans

The Nunito family was initially rounded designed for display typography and was then upgraded to a full set of weights and Nunito Sans was born.

Nunito Sans is a beautiful high tech font family with a modern look and that’s used by many big companies such as Gemnote.


Nunito Sans is definitely one of the best high tech fonts in every possible form. Other than being beautiful and modern, it has 15 free downloadable versions which is amazing compared to the other high tech fonts.


Futura is another old one of our high tech fonts as it was created in 1927 that was used in many projects all around the world for many years.

We think it is the perfect combination of modernism, readability, and reputation. For this reason, it is one of the best high tech fonts on the market.


In addition, it is free to download which is a great thing compared to the other font families on this list.

Proxima Nova

With over 25,000 websites using this high tech font, we don’t need to introduce it anymore. 

In fact, Proxima Nova is a font that dates back to 1994 but that was actually revised and redesigned in 2005.

Other than being a great and one of the most beautiful high tech fonts, Proxima Nova is also suitable for any screens and any browsers.

To sum up, Proxima Nova is a reliable and fantastic font that you’ll be able to use in any project. It is already used by many companies, why not yours?

Brandon Grotesque

On a more modern and recently created high tech font comes Brandon Grotesque.

Brandon Grotesque is not only one of the best high tech fonts but it’s also used in big corporations like Comedy Central.

Just like the other high tech fonts, we believe that Brandon Grotesque is reliable for any software, online businesses, but also real-life indications.

Goldplay Sans

Goldplay is usually defined as minimalist and stylish, and we can only agree with this. 

Although Goldplay Sans is not free and you need to purchase a license if you want to use it commercially, it is still one of the high tech fonts worth paying for.

For instance, it is a great font for blogs, websites, books, logos, and more as it is easily readable looks modern and contemporary.


Madera is a great, diverse and easily readable font that you’ll be able to use in many projects.

It is easy to use, nice to read and can be easily read by everyone. Whether you are a small business or a big TV channel, Madera is definitely one of the best high tech fonts out there.

On a more negative note, the commercial license for this font comes in at a whopping $49.00 for each weight.

Versatile Handwriting Fonts

14 Versatile Handwriting Fonts

Wild Youth

Inspired by the concept of the “Wildness of Youth”, this font has attributes that are apparent in youth such an adventurous and free spirit.  While widely known for its adventurous and good-looking character, this font has a certain rugged quality while having sophisticated curls in the typography. Its hand brush felt quality makes it the best choice for quotes or similar uses.

Shopping Script

If I were to aptly describe the Shopping Script, I would say it flows like the Nile river. Always flowing and bringing your words to life through the use of its signature style. It was designed by the Hungarian graphic designer Roland Huse. If you need a stylistic handwriting script, then this is for you. It is available in all the basic 27 alphabets of the English Script as well the generic numerics from 0 to 9.

Something Wild

Some Fonts are created to be Wild. The bold spirit of the font “Something Wild” is the perfect example of one of them. If you want a genuine and distinct handwriting script then use Something Wild. It will add character to your speech or piece of writing. It looks spectacular on informal posters, invites and flyers.


Ambarella is a modern Font Script developed by Polem Studio. The font has a sophisticated curvature which is suitable for both personal and commercial use. It has a wide variety of swatches, alternatives and typescripts.


Marisa is a sweet curated font that will remind the readers of special handwritten notes that were intercepted from family and friends in a time that is long gone. If you love the realistic imperfections in traditional handwriting, then Marisa font is the one for you. Although it is versatile it is not suitable for formal times that require complete symmetry.

The Theme for Murder

The Theme for murder font was designed by Christopher Hansen.  It has a Spooky ghostly vibe and visual character which changes the overall mood and tone of the message. It is perfect for use in the horror genre and event invites for Eerie occasions such as Halloween and Friday The 13th. It has part of the “Script” fonts with a lightweight curved nature.


Do you seek a trip down memory lane or are Full of Nostalgia for the youth? Try the Youthness font. It has a contemporary typeface with an elegant smooth visual fluidity and was constructed through an amalgamation of bold and italics.

 Yugo Slavia

Named after a city in South Eastern Europe, the Yugo Slavia is a classic luxe font that bespeaks of rich history and sophistication which imitates real pen strokes. Due to its complex joint character this calligraphic script may not be the best font for formal paragraphs or texts but it is a popular font in Greeting Card design, Certificates and weddings.It is currently available in 3 variants.

 Vampire Calligraphy

Is this the Vampire Calligraphy that Buffy the Vampire Slayer used to catch Vampires? Probably not. But it is sure to be a unique addition to your “Script Fonts”. It is a non-monospaced Italicized font with median breadth and size.

The Heart Maze Demo

The Heart Maze Demo font is reminiscent of a young girl’s journal. It has a modern flowery romantic aura which is best for personal non-commercial use. With a lightweight demure and cursive semi-expanded breadth, It is commonly used in printed personal letters and printed journals.

The Illusion of Beauty

Remember the time of handwritten letters – When love was pure and chivalry infinite? The illusion of beauty has a similar romantic vibe which makes it the perfect font to use when you type a letter to your beloved or send out formal wedding invites. It is an italic font which has a visual lightweight and an expanded breadth. Due to its bold and complex nature- it is best used for personal non-commercial purposes in combination with other Serif and San Serifs.

Alex Brush

Do you want a unique handwriting font for an auspicious formal occasion? Alex Brush is the answer. Made up of joint characters or alphabets, it is a font script that was developed by TypeSETit and has over 250 different characters.


Ever ventured through the halls of history and noticed the classic writing of your ancestors? Well, Windstrong is a calligraphic font devised by Bright Ideas that imitates the arty script style of historical writing. It comes in only one unique form and has no similar variations.


Are you in need of a handwriting font that brings the best of all worlds? Choose Mightype. Mightype is a unique script that combines the natural pen, brish and marker strokes to give you one Mighty font!  It was influenced by a Hand Letterer from Instagram. Currently Mightype comes in 8 different scripts which aid each other to create the best design for Posters, Invites, Logos and Apparel.

Best font for Resume

Best font for Resume 2019

The job hunt is one of the most tedious and stressful tasks one comes across in the course of life and there are certain technical things that highly influence that. It is imperative to know that the resume that you send out becomes an ambassador for you in front of the employer. While the resume must be designed in a certain effective manner, its font is one major factor that determines the impact it is going to leave. 

The best font is the one that enhances and highlights the sense of style while remaining clear and readable as much as possible. The font is so powerful a factor that it can push the years of experience and specialized skills on the back foot or can bring into the spotlight the lesser-explored sides of the personality. 

So resume is your first shot and the choice of font is of prime importance. Here is a guide to the best fonts for resumes

  • Calibri

This font has replaced the traditional Times New Roman as the default font of Word. It is modern yet readable thus makes an excellent option for a universal, reader-friendly impression of the documents. It is often referred to as the “font of choice” by the professional resume writers and documentation experts. 

  • Cambria

This font is one of the staple fonts of Microsoft Word and is considered specifically useful for working with smaller sizes and on-screen reading. This font was created in 2004 and it has gained popularity as the traditional yet traditional font option available. Also, this font is considered best for use with cover letters and resumes alike.  

  • Garamond

This font is favorite among the job seekers dwelling in the old-English style font practices. This is considered to look best with the academic resumes and more experienced profiles. The font becomes a personality of its own. 

  • Didot

This font works well with more creative fields like fashion or photography the resume with this font does wonder. This font is pronounced sophisticated and classy with its creative edge. One thing, however, is that it looks best at larger sizes so it is best to use it for headings. The creativity radiates from the Didot font!

  • Georgia

Georgia is a modern touch to the traditional Times New Roman font and is known distinctly for its readability and universality-the characteristic of Times New Roman as well. 

  • Helvetica

Helvetica Fonts are the new hype in the world of fonts owing to its modern look. It is particularly preferred in the fields of design and typography. This font has gained so much popularity on a mass scale for use on signboards and logos to subway signs. It has a very trendy yet professional look and it steps up the impression of the documents. While it comes preloaded on Macs, PC users can download it from online sources. 

  • Arial

Arial is among the safest choices of the font when it comes to professional documentation and resumes. Many professionals in the field of resume writing, career coaching and job search strategy have Arial as their preferred option. It has become so widespread owing to the readability that it has become a common, monotonous option. 

  • Book Antiqua

This font is derived from the classic Palatino font and has a distinctive, gentle style. This goes a long way owing to the universality and clear readability that it offers to the documents. Also, it is available by default on all computers which makes it easier to use. 

  • Trebuchet MS

This font is a good alternative to the typical Arial or Verdana fonts. It appears good on screen, has great readability and on the plus side, it is modern and textured in appearance which enhances the impact of the document in a very subtle manner. 


Instagram Hacks

Instagram Hacks, Tips & Features Everyone Should Know About

Instagram is a social networking website owned by Facebook, specially designed for photos and video sharing online. Instagram provides you with various features either for personal usage or business provoking. Providing you with attributes like Images and video editing tools, posting photos easily, story sharing, tagging, searching people functions, sending messages, etc. which makes this social networking service among the top 10 most popular social media sites [1]. Instagram has many additional features as well that is renewed with every new update.

Updated Instagram Features:

For the past few years, Instagram has introduced many features for helping people to deal with privacy concerns, customizing posts/stories, getting alerts from the specific people, etc and making Instagram more enjoyable.

Custom/ Close Friends Stories:

Sometimes a person wants to post a story but does not want specific people to see it or only want specific people to see it. Instagram has come up with a perfect solution for this issue. You can now hide your story from anyone you want by simply going to story settings and then clicking on the ‘hide’ option. Recently, another feature is introduced where you can make up a particular list of close friends and post stories only for them by a single click.

Turn on Post Notifications or Mute Posts:

Are Someone’s continuous posts are bothering you? Instagram has given you a complete solution for that. You can easily mute stories or posts by clicking on the three dots beside the person’s post and that will stop showing up on your feed. The same is the procedure for turning on the post notifications. If you want to be updated with specific people/accounts whenever they post something, you will be notified as soon as they post.

Searching Places & Hashtags:

In addition to searching about the people we want, Instagram has now given an option for searching the popular and recent tags and any of the places/locations you want to look for. Location tags posted by the public is also available for finding places easily.

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Archived Posts & Stories:

The stories which are disappeared after 24 hours are automatically stored into the account’s archived stories section sorted by date to date. There is another option for archiving your posts which you neither want to keep in your insta feed nor do you want to delete. Archived posts can be brought back to feed whenever the person wants.

Story Highlights:

Story highlights is a section below your Instagram bio which allows you to make a kind of folder of your favorite archived stories and post these particular selected images/videos on your profile as a specific story folder. It is a new interesting feature introduced for making your stories live longer.

Story Editing Tools:

With every new update, Instagram introduces more and more options for editing your stories or and making them more enjoyable. Stickers like ask me a question, polls, countdown, music, rating, etc. which keeps the user and audience engaging. Moreover, there are gifs, cute emojis, and stickers that help in making your posts lively.

Saving Posts:

You can make a folder of saved posts by saving  through the like symbol under the post. You can further divide and name the specific folders as well.

IGTV Feature & Live Videos:

IGTV is the latest feature by Instagram which allows you to navigate online featuring videos more than 60 seconds in the explore section and the same is the case with live videos that disappear after the live streaming.

Instagram Hacks, Tips Everyone Should Know

Make your Bio Catchy:

A person’s bio on Instagram should be catchy in order to get followers either for business or for personal use. People should know who you are by a single glance. Write something precise that defines you.

Use Stylish Fonts:

Using different fonts translated from online text generators will do a good job in making bio and username attractive.

Add Symbols & Unique Characters:

Adding symbols, emojis and other characters will add a fun element to make your bio creative.

Add a URL

If you have any link you want people to approach, do insert it in the bio.

Manage Multiple Accounts:

Instagram has provided an option that you can operate multiple accounts logged in at the same time up to five accounts but with different email ids.


Instagram business profiles allow you to create and schedule posts in advance, which will then be posted automatically on the time to scheduled to.

Sharing others’ Posts/Story:

A post or story from a public profile or any profile you follow can be shared onto your story by the arrow icon under the post.

Explore the Activity Log:

A user can check through his recent activities like post liking, commenting, etc. by simply going through the ‘your activity’ option in settings.

 There are a lot more features continuously updating on Instagram like group messages, video calls, voice notes, sending gifs/stickers by single click, pictures/video sharing, certain privacy and notifications settings, block/report option, switching to a public/business profile and whatnot. Instagram has a lot more features than any other social networking service. This is the reason people love using it and it is gaining thousands of users every day.


How to Change Font Style in Android Phone

While it is an ongoing debate on what operating system works best, being user-friendly is one big consideration. The pros and cons are there with every available option but Android still leads the way with its customization options. Android phones are known to give the highest degree of customized experience which encompasses any and every dimension. Changing the font in Android phones is also one of those things and while it is not as simple as it may seem but there are pretty useful ways that we are going to list here for a fulfilling Android experience!

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Some phones come with the feature built-in!

The newer versions of Android have this feature built-in depending on the manufacturer. Big names like Samsung, LG and HTC have their software adapted to include this feature lately. And the option usually exists under the “Display” section in Settings from where you can easily change the font style as well as size in some cases.

Using Applications and Launchers to Change Font in Android Phone

If your Android does not has this built-in feature of changing font there is still no need to worry as there are various apps and launchers to aid that. These applications allow you to change the UI of the entire phone or only specific applications depending on the specifications.

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is one of most popular and expensive third-party software for the purpose. The app needs to be downloaded and installed for it to work. Once the launcher is installed in your phone, follow these simple steps to change the font style:


  1. Open the app and go to settings of the Apex Launcher.
  2. Select “Home Screen”.
  3. Choose “Layout and Style”.
  4. Click the “Label Font” and choose the font that you like the best for the home screen.

On the same lines, if you change the font of the App Drawer, that can be done via Apex Launcher as well.

  1. Open the settings in Apex Launcher.
  2. Go to “App Drawer”.
  3. Click on “Drawer Layout and Icons”.
  4. Scroll down and choose the “Label Font” and choose the desired font.

Similarly the font style anywhere in the phone can be changed in the same way.

GO Launcher

This app is designed specifically for customization purposes, including changing the fonts. Following are the simple steps to follow:

  1. Copy the font files to the phone.
  2. Press and hold anywhere on the home screen and then select “GO settings”.
  3. Go to Select Font in the Font Option.
  4. Choose the font you like or click “Scan” add files from the device.

This does not change the system-wide font but across the frequently used apps.

Pixel Edition: Action Launcher

The Action Launcher is a popular and useful launcher for Android customization. This is quite useful except for the fact that there isn’t a wide variety of font options to choose from. Follow the following simple steps:

Action Launcher

  1. Go to Settings of the Action Launcher.
  2. Go to Appearance and select the option of Font.
  3. Choose your desired font.

Smart Launcher 5

smart-launcherSmart Launcher 5, is an excellent app that allows for new fonts. It has a wide collection of fonts to choose from, which is another plus. Changing font in the Smart Launcher 5 takes the following steps:

  1. Go to settings in the Launcher.
  2. Go to the Global appearance and select “Font”.
  3. Choose the desired font and you are good to go.

iFont – Android Phone

iFont is an Android app that deals with changing the fonts. The best part about this is the app is free and is supported by Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Xiaomi and Meizu rooted handsets.

For the non-rooted devices, an Online Tab is available to browse the fonts. 

First of all, enable the installation of app from unknown sources by going to “Security” tab under “Settings”.

Next, launch the app and go to the “RECOM” or FIND” tab to search for the fonts.

  1. Click on the font name you like.
  2. Click the “Download” button.
  3. Click the “Set” button and the font will be installed.
  4. Once the font has been installed, to “Settings” and choose “Display”. Go to Font Size and Style and the newly installed fonts should appear there.
  5. Choose this font and use as the system font.
  6. Selecting the font should immediately apply it without needing a reboot of the system.




What is typography?

Typography is an art of writing words. How do you write, which font you choose and what style is making your writing/typing attractive.

There are a total of 300,000 number of fonts in the world as a Ballpark figure. Some of the fonts/styles are not even included in the statistics. There is a total number of 60,000 font families and styles in MS Word. From these thousands of fonts, we can imagine how important role typography plays. It is also a form of art just like other art forms like calligraphy, painting, photography, etc. All these art forms deal with creating an impact on the viewer. 

Typography Basic Rules to Follow:

Typography is the basic component for making your text catchy and this component is even more important for graphic designers. For a viewer or a reader, it is important how he/she grasps the writer’s point of writing. When a writer writes or designer designs, the basic purpose of his design or writing must be clearly conveyed through the text, and in this procedure, typography using smart fonts plays a crucial role. Typography works as a tool to create and shape content. 

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Playing with fonts and spaces can make your text more or less impactful. 

  • Starting from the basics

Making the right composition using accurate vocabulary, specific spaces, and measurements do the right starting job. Make the text look attractive yet simple. 

  • Font communication

Keep in mind your target audience while using fonts and doing designing. It helps to connect to people. 

  • KERNING – an important tool

Adjusting the spaces between letters/characters to make to look aesthetically appealing. This makes the text stylish as well as readable. 

  • Limited fonts

Do not overuse fonts. Different font for different lines makes it look messy. 2 to 3 of them are enough to use. 

  • Keeping in mind the Alignments 

Making the paragraphs justified or center-aligned sometimes makes it difficult to read. Avoid using it. 

  • Create a visual hierarchy 

In your texts, you may emphasize certain portions to be highlighted and others to be less highlighted comparatively. 

  • Correct match of two fonts

Two different font styles make a great impression if they go hand in hand. 

  • Making grids

Working with grids makes the design or text look harmonical and synchronized. 

  • The text should be readable

Make sure the text you design is readable. Making the text too complex and over-designed makes the reader confused. 

  • Choose the colors wisely

Selecting a font for designers is even more crucial while selecting colors. A right combination of colors making the text easily readable will do the right job. 

Principles of Typography

We can say if the content is king, then typography is the crown for the king. To make your content enhanced and to make the reader get more information on the first look, creative typography is the key. Typography principles are similar to the typography rules. These are some of the elements which a person particularly the designer, should opt for an effective outcome. 

  • Choosing fonts smartly

In selecting fonts, there come two elements, one is choosing a typeface and the other one is choosing a specific font. A typeface is a whole family of particular designed fonts, while a font is a single design of particular size and shape. Popular typefaces include Serif, Sans serif and Monospace. You can also generate fonts in different styles with Fontalic.com

  • Size of the font 

Size and measurement of font or text depending upon the requirement for what purpose it is used. Characters you want to emphasize on should be in large size and so on.

  • Spacing 

Spacing between characters and line management is a very important to make sentence easily readable. 

  • Focus on Alignment

Correct alignment makes the reader read the text more attentively. People mostly start reading from the left side, so it is important to align your text from the right side and it is preferable to be consistent throughout.  

  • Use correct grammar

Using the right grammar is the key to good writing. Typography comes later, first your grammar and vocabulary should be proper. 


Generate Stylish Fonts


9 Best Fonts for Your Dream Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitations have a special place, they have to look unique and out of the ordinary. Perfect for YOUR big day. One of the most important components of a wedding invitation is the font  It can have a great impact on the overall aesthetics of your wedding invitation as it will determine the design and style of your Wedding invite Therefore, it is advised to handpick a premium font for a better and unique design instead of default fonts in your personal computer. You can generate fonts with Fontalic as well, just type simple font in simple text field and you’ll get a list of thousands of fonts with one click,

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Invite Font

  1. Pick the Invitation font according to your Wedding Style

It is essential for you to pick the right font that goes seamlessly with you Wedding Style. If your wedding is going to be a flowery but casual affair, it is necessary to make sure that your wedding invitation styles are representative of that fact. While if your wedding is one of Timeless sophistication, your wedding cards should showcase the same.

  1. Use 2 to 3 Fonts instead of one.

Using 2 to 3 fonts instead of one will aid readability and make your wedding card unique and refreshing to the reader/viewer. Various unique fonts can be used to emphasize the Bride and Groom Names, whereas minimalistic, straight fonts should be used for the Time and Location. This will minimize guest confusions and aid legibility.

  1. Pick a Font that looks good on E-mails and Paper

After the finalization of the font that you would like on your wedding invitation. Make sure that it looks equally good on different font mediums. It is absolutely mandatory to use a font that looks aesthetically please on e-mail and paper. As fonts will appear differently once printed, depending on the paper texture and weight.

  1. Use opposite fonts to make wonderful Wedding Font Combinations

One of  the easiest ways to make your Wedding invite standout and look aesthetically top notch is by using an opposite font combination. Your can pair a cursive accent with a structured font for an effortless sophisticated invite.

These are some ways in which you can use opposite fonts to make the  Best Wedding Invite :

  • Mix and Match a simple font with an elaborate font
  • Use different versions same font family together
  • Use a Serif font with a San Serif font

In order to aid your search for the perfect font for your wedding invite, we have selected 10 designs that are sure to make your font selection a breeze. Whether you are going for a formal, casual or unusual, or unconventional casual design you will find abundant choices in the list of fonts below.

Check Instagram Fonts Generator 

There are 3 Main types of Fonts used in Wedding Invites

  1. Serif Fonts

Serif refers to the “line strokes” resembling a tail in the alphabetic letters of the English language. These fonts have a more archaic style look and appearance. .

  1. Sans Serif Fonts

Sans Serif refers to the “line strokes” or alphabets without a “tail”. These have a more modern appearance as compared to Serifs. They are also more legible and easier to read.

  1. Script Fonts

These are the timeless “wedding invitation” fonts. These have either hand written or calligraphic style elements. Script fonts are often best used with other simple fonts in combination with a serif or sans serif font.

Wedding Invite Font: Formal

  1. Abraham Lincoln

This is a popular font for wedding invites because it is highly legible while having a innovative style.

  1. Anonymous Pro

This font typography can be used as a contrasting font to the Script Calligraphic font like Mr. Dafoe. It works great as a complementary or secondary font that doesn’t deviate from the design and yet is still attention grabbing.

  1. Baroque Script

It’s a font that is elegant and formal without compromising readability.

  1. Dareleston

Dareleston is the perfect pick if you are looking to showcase a timeless and sophisticated aura.

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 Wedding Invite Font: Contemporary

  1. Corenia Script

The free wedding font Coneria Script makes my list for the best all-around wedding font. It ever-so elegant, without looking too stuffy, while its versatile nature making it the perfect match for every wedding style.

A slanted font variation the Corenia Script is also available, which gives it a more proper appearance.

  1. Exmouth

If you value stylistic fonts that are properly readable on the wedding invites, this is the wedding invite font for you!

  1. Bromello

A fun and playful calligraphy styled font is a perfect choice for an accent font for names or headings.

Wedding Invite Font: Casual

  1. Black Jack

Black Jack is a casual script that would be best suited to a simple but ultimate lovely wedding full of fun and life. It’s a bold font, which makes its highly legible with a marked grace.

  1. Jenna Sue

The Jenna Sue free wedding font is a wonderful choice for a  romantic yet casual wedding depicting exotic sceneries with beautiful flowers and their joyful guests.

  1. Alex Brush

This is a minimalist font which has an ever slight Italic look. It looks sharp, contemporary and is expressive of loads of fun at casual wedding settings.

Fontalic, Christmas fonts

13 of the Best Christmas Fonts for Free in 2019

If you want a bit of color, uniqueness, and typographical creativity in your Christmas cards and designs, there are many fonts ready for use online. We have made it easier for you to find these fonts by bringing a list of such fonts. Spice up your creative projects and standout among the competitors this December. Let’s add some Christmas flavor in your design with the following 13 free Christmas fonts.

01. Beyond Wonderland

The top spot in the list is occupied by “Beyond Wonderland”, a brainchild of the Chris Hanson. Hanson is one of the most well-known names in the font hobbyist community. It can be utilized free of cost whether you are using it for personal or commercial use. The only limitation is the inability to work with accented vowels, but it has quite a dark theme and it would add a unique touch to your designs.

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02. One Starry Night

It is a colorful font created by Brittney Murphy Designs. Starry Night is available without any charges for personal and non-profit use. Basically, it is a handwritten font which is a bit swirly. It would definitely add a flare to your designs and if you want to avail it commercially you’ve got to pay $5.

 03. Santa’s Sleigh

Santa’s Sleigh is an ideal font for anybody who wants to add a vintage feel to their designs. It is a creation of HypoTypo and you would find it in regular, bold, and deluxe weights.

 04. Metro Retro NF

Nick’s Fonts have hit the ball out of the park when it comes to dramatic sans serif with their Metro Retro NF font. Spark festivity in your design with a font style that is perfect for a headline.

You would only be able to play with thee uppercase letters using a free version. Metro Retro Redux (the paid version) contains the Adobe character set and the lowercase letters. Metro Retro Redux creators took inspiration from the famous Wadsworth A. Parker’s Modernistic)

05. Rothenburg Decorative

Rothenburg Decorative is an effort by the calligrapher Dieter Steffmann and it is inspired from a dark Gothic theme. If you would like to add a dark style of script in your Christmas project design, you definitely need this font. Whether you are using it for personal or commercial purposes, it wouldn’t cost you a penny so why not go for it?

 06. Christmas On Crack

If you are not into the darker and heavy fonts like Rothenburg Decorative, Christmas On Crack can be a perfect choice for you. It is created by David Lovelace, famously recognized by the name Parallax. It has more of a fun vibe to it although it also revolves around the Gothic theme. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a Mac or a PC because it’s available for both.

07. Christmas/Flakes Font

The 7th spot in our list of the best 13 free Christmas fonts belong to Christmas/Flakes Font. It is a creation of Randy Ford from Florida and it’s basically an ornamental typeface. Make your headlines much more prominent for the readers without paying any price for personal or commercial use. It is available for both PC and Mac users.

8. Channel

Channel is a gift from Sweden created by Mans Greback and published through Aring Typeface foundry and it is a classic script with a handwritten feel. If you want to avail the complete 365-glyph font for commercial use you have to pay $589. You can also utilize the demo version for free in case you need it for your personal Christmas project.

 09. Candy Cane

The Candy Cane font is a festive one developed by Michel Bujardet. It is a font that is associated in its core with the Christmas celebrations and you can use it without paying anything. You’ve got the freedom of using uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and punctuation.

 10. Sentinel

The 10th spot in our list of best Christmas Fonts for free goes to Sentinel. The creator of this amazing font is Dieter Steffmann and the font contain 52 ornamental characters. You can use it without putting any burden on your pocket and it is ideal for creative Christmas designs.

 11. Holly Nites

Holy Nites font is another marvelous creation of Jester Font Studio. It is a heavy 3D font with a holly leaf pattern giving the characters a unique appearance. If you are designing a Christmas card, this is the font for you this year and another good news, it’s free for commercial and non-commercial use.

 12. ChopinScript

The second last spot on the list goes to ChopinScript which is based on the theme of the original Phil Martin’s Polonaise. The font was released back in 1999 and it’s just an improved version. It is free for personal and commercial use. You would be able to enjoy accented characters along with ornaments in this particular font.

 13. The Gingerbread House

We’ve got to give the due credit to Chris Hanson here for giving the world a number of amazing fonts. The last font we would be talking about in this article is also a creation of this marvelous designer. The Gingerbread House involves decorative style with a pinch of Burton adding to its beauty. Just remember you won’t be able to use the digit ‘4’ which could create a few difficulties in certain situations. Apart from that, it’s suitable like any other font for a Christmas design.