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9 Best Fonts for Your Dream Wedding Invitation


Wedding Invitations have a special place, they have to look unique and out of the ordinary. Perfect for YOUR big day. One of the most important components of a wedding invitation is the font  It can have a great impact on the overall aesthetics of your wedding invitation as it will determine the design and style of your Wedding invite Therefore, it is advised to handpick a premium font for a better and unique design instead of default fonts in your personal computer. You can generate fonts with Fontalic as well, just type simple font in simple text field and you’ll get a list of thousands of fonts with one click,

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Invite Font

  1. Pick the Invitation font according to your Wedding Style

It is essential for you to pick the right font that goes seamlessly with you Wedding Style. If your wedding is going to be a flowery but casual affair, it is necessary to make sure that your wedding invitation styles are representative of that fact. While if your wedding is one of Timeless sophistication, your wedding cards should showcase the same.

  1. Use 2 to 3 Fonts instead of one.

Using 2 to 3 fonts instead of one will aid readability and make your wedding card unique and refreshing to the reader/viewer. Various unique fonts can be used to emphasize the Bride and Groom Names, whereas minimalistic, straight fonts should be used for the Time and Location. This will minimize guest confusions and aid legibility.

  1. Pick a Font that looks good on E-mails and Paper

After the finalization of the font that you would like on your wedding invitation. Make sure that it looks equally good on different font mediums. It is absolutely mandatory to use a font that looks aesthetically please on e-mail and paper. As fonts will appear differently once printed, depending on the paper texture and weight.

  1. Use opposite fonts to make wonderful Wedding Font Combinations

One of  the easiest ways to make your Wedding invite standout and look aesthetically top notch is by using an opposite font combination. Your can pair a cursive accent with a structured font for an effortless sophisticated invite.

These are some ways in which you can use opposite fonts to make the  Best Wedding Invite :

  • Mix and Match a simple font with an elaborate font
  • Use different versions same font family together
  • Use a Serif font with a San Serif font

In order to aid your search for the perfect font for your wedding invite, we have selected 10 designs that are sure to make your font selection a breeze. Whether you are going for a formal, casual or unusual, or unconventional casual design you will find abundant choices in the list of fonts below.

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There are 3 Main types of Fonts used in Wedding Invites

  1. Serif Fonts

Serif refers to the “line strokes” resembling a tail in the alphabetic letters of the English language. These fonts have a more archaic style look and appearance. .

  1. Sans Serif Fonts

Sans Serif refers to the “line strokes” or alphabets without a “tail”. These have a more modern appearance as compared to Serifs. They are also more legible and easier to read.

  1. Script Fonts

These are the timeless “wedding invitation” fonts. These have either hand written or calligraphic style elements. Script fonts are often best used with other simple fonts in combination with a serif or sans serif font.

Wedding Invite Font: Formal

  1. Abraham Lincoln

This is a popular font for wedding invites because it is highly legible while having a innovative style.

  1. Anonymous Pro

This font typography can be used as a contrasting font to the Script Calligraphic font like Mr. Dafoe. It works great as a complementary or secondary font that doesn’t deviate from the design and yet is still attention grabbing.

  1. Baroque Script

It’s a font that is elegant and formal without compromising readability.

  1. Dareleston

Dareleston is the perfect pick if you are looking to showcase a timeless and sophisticated aura.

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 Wedding Invite Font: Contemporary

  1. Corenia Script

The free wedding font Coneria Script makes my list for the best all-around wedding font. It ever-so elegant, without looking too stuffy, while its versatile nature making it the perfect match for every wedding style.

A slanted font variation the Corenia Script is also available, which gives it a more proper appearance.

  1. Exmouth

If you value stylistic fonts that are properly readable on the wedding invites, this is the wedding invite font for you!

  1. Bromello

A fun and playful calligraphy styled font is a perfect choice for an accent font for names or headings.

Wedding Invite Font: Casual

  1. Black Jack

Black Jack is a casual script that would be best suited to a simple but ultimate lovely wedding full of fun and life. It’s a bold font, which makes its highly legible with a marked grace.

  1. Jenna Sue

The Jenna Sue free wedding font is a wonderful choice for a  romantic yet casual wedding depicting exotic sceneries with beautiful flowers and their joyful guests.

  1. Alex Brush

This is a minimalist font which has an ever slight Italic look. It looks sharp, contemporary and is expressive of loads of fun at casual wedding settings.