Versatile Handwriting Fonts

14 Versatile Handwriting Fonts

Wild Youth

Inspired by the concept of the “Wildness of Youth”, this font has attributes that are apparent in youth such an adventurous and free spirit.  While widely known for its adventurous and good-looking character, this font has a certain rugged quality while having sophisticated curls in the typography. Its hand brush felt quality makes it the best choice for quotes or similar uses.

Shopping Script

If I were to aptly describe the Shopping Script, I would say it flows like the Nile river. Always flowing and bringing your words to life through the use of its signature style. It was designed by the Hungarian graphic designer Roland Huse. If you need a stylistic handwriting script, then this is for you. It is available in all the basic 27 alphabets of the English Script as well the generic numerics from 0 to 9.

Something Wild

Some Fonts are created to be Wild. The bold spirit of the font “Something Wild” is the perfect example of one of them. If you want a genuine and distinct handwriting script then use Something Wild. It will add character to your speech or piece of writing. It looks spectacular on informal posters, invites and flyers.


Ambarella is a modern Font Script developed by Polem Studio. The font has a sophisticated curvature which is suitable for both personal and commercial use. It has a wide variety of swatches, alternatives and typescripts.


Marisa is a sweet curated font that will remind the readers of special handwritten notes that were intercepted from family and friends in a time that is long gone. If you love the realistic imperfections in traditional handwriting, then Marisa font is the one for you. Although it is versatile it is not suitable for formal times that require complete symmetry.

The Theme for Murder

The Theme for murder font was designed by Christopher Hansen.  It has a Spooky ghostly vibe and visual character which changes the overall mood and tone of the message. It is perfect for use in the horror genre and event invites for Eerie occasions such as Halloween and Friday The 13th. It has part of the “Script” fonts with a lightweight curved nature.


Do you seek a trip down memory lane or are Full of Nostalgia for the youth? Try the Youthness font. It has a contemporary typeface with an elegant smooth visual fluidity and was constructed through an amalgamation of bold and italics.

 Yugo Slavia

Named after a city in South Eastern Europe, the Yugo Slavia is a classic luxe font that bespeaks of rich history and sophistication which imitates real pen strokes. Due to its complex joint character this calligraphic script may not be the best font for formal paragraphs or texts but it is a popular font in Greeting Card design, Certificates and weddings.It is currently available in 3 variants.

 Vampire Calligraphy

Is this the Vampire Calligraphy that Buffy the Vampire Slayer used to catch Vampires? Probably not. But it is sure to be a unique addition to your “Script Fonts”. It is a non-monospaced Italicized font with median breadth and size.

The Heart Maze Demo

The Heart Maze Demo font is reminiscent of a young girl’s journal. It has a modern flowery romantic aura which is best for personal non-commercial use. With a lightweight demure and cursive semi-expanded breadth, It is commonly used in printed personal letters and printed journals.

The Illusion of Beauty

Remember the time of handwritten letters – When love was pure and chivalry infinite? The illusion of beauty has a similar romantic vibe which makes it the perfect font to use when you type a letter to your beloved or send out formal wedding invites. It is an italic font which has a visual lightweight and an expanded breadth. Due to its bold and complex nature- it is best used for personal non-commercial purposes in combination with other Serif and San Serifs.

Alex Brush

Do you want a unique handwriting font for an auspicious formal occasion? Alex Brush is the answer. Made up of joint characters or alphabets, it is a font script that was developed by TypeSETit and has over 250 different characters.


Ever ventured through the halls of history and noticed the classic writing of your ancestors? Well, Windstrong is a calligraphic font devised by Bright Ideas that imitates the arty script style of historical writing. It comes in only one unique form and has no similar variations.


Are you in need of a handwriting font that brings the best of all worlds? Choose Mightype. Mightype is a unique script that combines the natural pen, brish and marker strokes to give you one Mighty font!  It was influenced by a Hand Letterer from Instagram. Currently Mightype comes in 8 different scripts which aid each other to create the best design for Posters, Invites, Logos and Apparel.



What is typography?

Typography is an art of writing words. How do you write, which font you choose and what style is making your writing/typing attractive.

There are a total of 300,000 number of fonts in the world as a Ballpark figure. Some of the fonts/styles are not even included in the statistics. There is a total number of 60,000 font families and styles in MS Word. From these thousands of fonts, we can imagine how important role typography plays. It is also a form of art just like other art forms like calligraphy, painting, photography, etc. All these art forms deal with creating an impact on the viewer. 

Typography Basic Rules to Follow:

Typography is the basic component for making your text catchy and this component is even more important for graphic designers. For a viewer or a reader, it is important how he/she grasps the writer’s point of writing. When a writer writes or designer designs, the basic purpose of his design or writing must be clearly conveyed through the text, and in this procedure, typography using smart fonts plays a crucial role. Typography works as a tool to create and shape content. 

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Playing with fonts and spaces can make your text more or less impactful. 

  • Starting from the basics

Making the right composition using accurate vocabulary, specific spaces, and measurements do the right starting job. Make the text look attractive yet simple. 

  • Font communication

Keep in mind your target audience while using fonts and doing designing. It helps to connect to people. 

  • KERNING – an important tool

Adjusting the spaces between letters/characters to make to look aesthetically appealing. This makes the text stylish as well as readable. 

  • Limited fonts

Do not overuse fonts. Different font for different lines makes it look messy. 2 to 3 of them are enough to use. 

  • Keeping in mind the Alignments 

Making the paragraphs justified or center-aligned sometimes makes it difficult to read. Avoid using it. 

  • Create a visual hierarchy 

In your texts, you may emphasize certain portions to be highlighted and others to be less highlighted comparatively. 

  • Correct match of two fonts

Two different font styles make a great impression if they go hand in hand. 

  • Making grids

Working with grids makes the design or text look harmonical and synchronized. 

  • The text should be readable

Make sure the text you design is readable. Making the text too complex and over-designed makes the reader confused. 

  • Choose the colors wisely

Selecting a font for designers is even more crucial while selecting colors. A right combination of colors making the text easily readable will do the right job. 

Principles of Typography

We can say if the content is king, then typography is the crown for the king. To make your content enhanced and to make the reader get more information on the first look, creative typography is the key. Typography principles are similar to the typography rules. These are some of the elements which a person particularly the designer, should opt for an effective outcome. 

  • Choosing fonts smartly

In selecting fonts, there come two elements, one is choosing a typeface and the other one is choosing a specific font. A typeface is a whole family of particular designed fonts, while a font is a single design of particular size and shape. Popular typefaces include Serif, Sans serif and Monospace. You can also generate fonts in different styles with

  • Size of the font 

Size and measurement of font or text depending upon the requirement for what purpose it is used. Characters you want to emphasize on should be in large size and so on.

  • Spacing 

Spacing between characters and line management is a very important to make sentence easily readable. 

  • Focus on Alignment

Correct alignment makes the reader read the text more attentively. People mostly start reading from the left side, so it is important to align your text from the right side and it is preferable to be consistent throughout.  

  • Use correct grammar

Using the right grammar is the key to good writing. Typography comes later, first your grammar and vocabulary should be proper. 


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