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Popular high tech fonts in 2020

Popular high tech fonts in 2020

One of the most challenging things when designing websites, writing titles or articles is to choose high tech fonts.

We always want to push boundaries and create the best possible content, and having a great font that goes with it is definitely one of the important factors.

In this article, we’ll list the most popular high tech fonts to use in 2020, and even though fonts can have many assets like size, typeface, weights or even colors, we’ll gather the best ones for you.

Helvetica Now 

Helvetica is probably one of the most famous fonts that computers ever known as it was created in 1957! It is also used in real-life such as street indications or subways all around the world from the States to Europe.

However, it has been redesigned in 2019 to satisfy every user and to look very modern.

Helvetica Now is one of the best high tech fonts on the market and comes in at a reasonable price of $35.00 for each weight.

Helvetica Now is great for all screen sizes and devices from small-screen smartphones to massive-sized computers. It has 3 optical sizes (Micro, Text, and Display) and is available in 6, 8, and 10 weights respectively.


Gilroy is a modern font part of the Sans Serif family. 

Apart from having that modern geometric touch and design, it is also important to say that it’s available in not less than 20 weights which is a whole lot compared to the other fonts.

Out of these 20 weights, 2 can be downloaded for free, while the other ones have a price of $25 each.

Untitled Sans

On a cleaner, more common but reliable compared to the other font families comes Untitled Sans.

Untitled Sans can be used for both paragraphs and headings, but also for titles and so much more, this is why we consider it one of the best high tech fonts to use in 2020.

This font family is available in 5 weights which is a small number compared to the other fonts on this list.

Kayak Sans

Kayak Sans is an incredibly beautiful and modern font that couldn’t be missed in this high tech fonts list. 

The great thing we love about Kayak Sans is the ability to be used everywhere and still be read easily while keeping an elegant and stylish look.


Last but not least, it is completely free of charge for personal purposes. However, if you wish to use it for commercial purposes, you will need to purchase a license.

Nunito Sans

The Nunito family was initially rounded designed for display typography and was then upgraded to a full set of weights and Nunito Sans was born.

Nunito Sans is a beautiful high tech font family with a modern look and that’s used by many big companies such as Gemnote.


Nunito Sans is definitely one of the best high tech fonts in every possible form. Other than being beautiful and modern, it has 15 free downloadable versions which is amazing compared to the other high tech fonts.


Futura is another old one of our high tech fonts as it was created in 1927 that was used in many projects all around the world for many years.

We think it is the perfect combination of modernism, readability, and reputation. For this reason, it is one of the best high tech fonts on the market.


In addition, it is free to download which is a great thing compared to the other font families on this list.

Proxima Nova

With over 25,000 websites using this high tech font, we don’t need to introduce it anymore. 

In fact, Proxima Nova is a font that dates back to 1994 but that was actually revised and redesigned in 2005.

Other than being a great and one of the most beautiful high tech fonts, Proxima Nova is also suitable for any screens and any browsers.

To sum up, Proxima Nova is a reliable and fantastic font that you’ll be able to use in any project. It is already used by many companies, why not yours?

Brandon Grotesque

On a more modern and recently created high tech font comes Brandon Grotesque.

Brandon Grotesque is not only one of the best high tech fonts but it’s also used in big corporations like Comedy Central.

Just like the other high tech fonts, we believe that Brandon Grotesque is reliable for any software, online businesses, but also real-life indications.

Goldplay Sans

Goldplay is usually defined as minimalist and stylish, and we can only agree with this. 

Although Goldplay Sans is not free and you need to purchase a license if you want to use it commercially, it is still one of the high tech fonts worth paying for.

For instance, it is a great font for blogs, websites, books, logos, and more as it is easily readable looks modern and contemporary.


Madera is a great, diverse and easily readable font that you’ll be able to use in many projects.

It is easy to use, nice to read and can be easily read by everyone. Whether you are a small business or a big TV channel, Madera is definitely one of the best high tech fonts out there.

On a more negative note, the commercial license for this font comes in at a whopping $49.00 for each weight.