Bold Text Generator

Bold Text Generator is an online tool that helps in copy and pasting your simple text into special characters that are bold and prominent. The text converted into the bold letters is not just the font style but this is a unique set of symbols generated from the Unicode symbol set. A simple font style cannot be as it is copied and pasted. Most of the browsers support this code and symbols and let it be pasted in your social media usernames, posts, etc.

Bold Text for Android & iOS

Typing messages in bold on WhatsApp is very easy on mobile phones either android or ios. Whatsapp provides a unique feature in making a simple text into Bold, Italic or Underlined. To make text bold on android, you just simply need to put asterisks on each side of the required text. This is the simplest way to convert a text into bold characters. The other way is; tap on the text, select it and then choose the option BIU for iOS and “More (with three vertical dots) for android.

Bold Text for Instagram and Facebook

For Facebook, Instagram and other networking sites, you need to use an online tool called bold text generator by Fonatlic. It will help to convert your text into bold characters using a certain code that you can then easily copy and paste it on the required place.