Cool Fonts Generator

Cool font was first used by a designer Todd Dever while creating graphics and animation. Later it was started using by Playboy magazine, D.C Comics and Mad magazine. This font comes in various styles and colors and is widely used in comics and fashion magazines. Cool text is one of the widely known fonts frequently used by the designers in creating graphics and illustrations.

There are alot of other texts available as well that are the right amount of cool, but this text style is simply the ultimate choice for use when you have a magazine or some sort of newspaper to cater. The use of this font is not just in print media, but present day designers also look to this font style for various brands and activities and that is why, it is one of the most cool fonts.

Copy & Paste Cool Paste

Apart from Playboy and DC Comics, there are a lot of other outlets and magazines that have used this multidimensional and interesting font style. One can use this font style for either facebook or twitter, youtube or snapchat and that is the versatility of this font style.

Why to Use Cool Fonts?

Fontalic has incorporated this text style in its range of fonts so that people who are users of this font can easily use it after generating it from the font generator, It is extremely easily generated and can be more than just simple text for your comments or posts. Whether you are posting a food post or some event post, make sure to be extra hip and cool with this font style which is one to have. There are more than 1000 fonts in our collection, so choose the one you like for your textual needs.

Interesting Facts About Fonts

  • Steve Jobs attended the calligraphy class at Reed College Oregon and got inspired by it so much, that he decided to include many fonts in the Mac computers
  • Declaration of independence of USA was printed in the font Caslon, which was a very popular British font.
  • Helvetica and Univers were the manufacture of Switzerland in 1957 as the word Helvetica is Latin and means Switzerland.
  • Hermann Zapf created the palantino, poptima and Zapfino fonts as he was an advocate for font rights
  • Gotham became popular because Obama used it for his presidential campaign

What is a Cool Font Creator?

Cool font generator is a free online tool for generating graphics and cool fonts. There is a bar where you write the required text and it spontaneously converts it into different types of fonts and styles. You can easily choose and then copy the converted text to paste it anywhere you want. It works on the internet platforms which match the unicode.

Why to Use Cool Fonts?

Using a cool font is the best way to brighten up your text. Neons can be added to it to enhance it even more. Designers mostly use it in making logos more eye-catching. It adds more fun element in the text or logo.