Typography Rules Every Designer Should Know


Typography is an art of writing words. How do you write, which font you choose and what style is making your writing/typing attractive. There are a total of 300,000 fonts in the world as a Ballpark figure. Some of the fonts/styles are not even included in the statistics. There is a total number of 60,000 […]

9 Best Fonts to Use for your Resume Writing


The job hunt is one of the most tedious and stressful tasks one comes across in the course of life and there are certain technical things that highly influence that. It is imperative to know that the resume that you send out becomes an ambassador for you in front of the employer. While the resume […]

14 Versatile Handwriting Fonts that can elevate your Designs

handwriting fonts

Wild Youth Inspired by the concept of the “Wildness of Youth”, this font has attributes that are apparent in youth such an adventurous and free spirit.  While widely known for its adventurous and good-looking character, this font has a certain rugged quality while having sophisticated curls in the typography. Its hand brush felt quality makes […]

13 of the Best Christmas Fonts for Free

  If you want a bit of color, uniqueness, and typographical creativity in your Christmas cards and designs, there are many fonts ready for use online. We have made it easier for you to find these fonts by bringing a list of such fonts. Spice up your creative projects and stand out among the competitors […]