The job hunt is one of the most tedious and stressful tasks one comes across in the course of life and there are certain technical things that highly influence that. It is imperative to know that the resume that you send out becomes an ambassador for you in front of the employer.

While the resume must be designed in a certain effective manner, its font is one major factor that determines the impact it is going to leave. The best font is the one that enhances and highlights the sense of style while remaining clear and readable as much as possible.

The font is so powerful a factor that it can push the years of experience and specialized skills on the back foot or can bring into the spotlight the lesser-explored sides of the personality. So resume is your first shot and the choice of font is of prime importance. Here is a guide to the best fonts for resumes.

  1. Calibri

This font has replaced the traditional Times New Roman as the default font of Word. It is modern yet readable thus makes an excellent option for a universal, reader-friendly impression of the documents. It is often referred to as the “font of choice” by the professional resume writers and documentation experts. 

  1. Cambria

This font is one of the staple fonts of Microsoft Word and is considered specifically useful for working with smaller sizes and on-screen reading. This font was created in 2004 and it has gained popularity as the traditional yet traditional font option available. Also, this font is considered best for use with cover letters and resumes alike.  

  1. Garamond

This font is favorite among the job seekers dwelling in the old-English style font practices. This is considered to look best with the academic resumes and more experienced profiles. The font becomes a personality of its own. 

  1. Didot

This font works well with more creative fields like fashion or photography the resume with this font does wonder. This font is pronounced sophisticated and classy with its creative edge. One thing, however, is that it looks best at larger sizes so it is best to use it for headings. The creativity radiates from the Didot font! 

  1. Georgia

Georgia is a modern touch to the traditional Times New Roman font and is known distinctly for its readability and universality-the characteristic of Times New Roman as well. 

  1. Helvetica

Helvetica Fonts are the new hype in the world of fonts owing to its modern look. It is particularly preferred in the fields of design and typography. This font has gained so much popularity on a mass scale for use on signboards and logos to subway signs. It has a very trendy yet professional look and it steps up the impression of the documents. While it comes preloaded on Macs, PC users can download it from online sources. 

  1. Arial

Arial is among the safest choices of the font when it comes to professional documentation and resumes. Many professionals in the field of resume writing, career coaching and job search strategy have Arial as their preferred option. It has become so widespread owing to the readability that it has become a common, monotonous option. 

  1. Book Antiqua

This font is derived from the classic Palatino font and has a distinctive, gentle style. This goes a long way owing to the universality and clear readability that it offers to the documents. Also, it is available by default on all computers which makes it easier to use. 

  1. Trebuchet MS

This font is a good alternative to the typical Arial or Verdana fonts. It appears good on screen, has great readability and on the plus side, it is modern and textured in appearance which enhances the impact of the document in a very subtle manner.